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Acceptable Use Policy

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  • Acceptable Use Policy

    Here are our guidelines for use of our User Forums.

    Use of these forums is on the understanding that our community users agree to abide by the terms of our Acceptable Use Policy. Violations of the Acceptable Use Policy may result in users being removed from the forums, with or without warning.

    The Acceptable Use Policy has been created to keep the forums to the original purpose: the discussion of Products & Services Distributed by Velirs. We wish to allow users of our Products & Services the ability to discuss solutions and assist each other with problems. In particular for casual readers, information should be easy to find and on-topic.

    For serious issues there are better and more appropriate channels for resolution. If you have a complaint about a product, about how your issue was handled by support, or anything else that you find unacceptable, please contact us by email or telephone.

    Please take note of the following ways to provide feedback and get support on Products & Services.
    Feedback on features enhancements, or new feature requests:
    For technical support, please find our technical support contact numbers and form to submit on online ticket at

    Velirs Customer & Partner Community Acceptable Use Policy

    This Acceptable Use Policy defines how Velirs Customer & Partner Community Forum may be used. Velirs reserves the right to change this policy at any time. This forum is the property of Velirs and we reserve the right to remove any postings we deem unproductive or offensive.
    1. These User Forums are a medium for users of Products & Services Distributed by Velirs. Conversations and topics not related to Products & Services or issues related to these products are prohibited and may be removed.
    2. Profanity is prohibited on the User Forums. The definition of profanity is at the discretion of Velirs
    3. Slanderous, derogatory or hostile posts are prohibited. This rule applies to posts made against Velirs, other companies, and other forums users.
    4. Advocating of competitive products is prohibited.
    5. Posting about hacks, cracks, "warez" or other information of this nature is strictly prohibited.
    6. Posting about legal issues or action involving Velirs is prohibited.
    7. Complaints about the moderation or style of the forums are prohibited.
    8. Use of the forums is strictly at the permission of Velirs. Users who violate the Acceptable Use Policy may be banned from these forums.